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What happened to Dunga and Brazil?

versão em português abaixo...

Dunga made his life difficult from the very beginning of the World Cup 2010, starting with the chosen players for the Brazil squad. With a weak reserve and no options to tactically change a team when the "starters" get tired or are playing bad, without an adequate left back and without any creative person (other than Robinho). A bench filled with 'good" players but not "good" enough to be the subs of Kaka or Robinho etc. and a midfield filled with "strong" players but, NOT one creative skilled player in the starting lineup against the Netherlands.

Today, in ridiculous fashion Brasil lost the game tactically, technically, mentally and by a score of 2-1.

For 45 minutes we saw a mediocre Brasil, playing at the minimum level of expectations compared to what we are used to. However, during the second half the deficiencies of our team began to be so apparent, starting with Bastos (left Back). Foul after foul Bastos gave the Netherlands room to advance up the field, get rhythm and possession of the ball. Then Felipe Melo, showing his true character for the world to see, and without any creative merit to his powerful game, he shinned in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, first making an own goal, then getting a red card.

Many will say the best team won; however, I don't agree with that. I believe the "worst" team let the game slip; a game that should have been in the bag! In the same shameful fashion of the 1998 World Cup a player NOT known for his headers (Zidane) makes the deciding goal off of a header (Sneijder).

Without a doubt our weakest part of the squad was/has been the left side. By way of the left side went the Netherlands, starting with Bastos's ridiculous foul which deserved a RED card, and resulted in a goal for the Netherlands. Then from the left side went Van Persie and Robben terrorizing Felipe Melo, as he struggled to reach the ball before the quick Netherland players.

Still our infamous "OLD" Roberto Carlos, is better then the left back's Gilberto Melo, and Bastos. With Elano and Ramires out against the Netherlands I ask, "who could have come in for Melo?" Ramires showed that quick, controlled play is the way to go (moving the ball quickly against a FAST Chile team), but Dunga insisted on having mostly powerful STOPPERS like Josue on the Brazilian squad, which resulted in FEW options or alternatives in tactics. Kaka was playing bad, our biggest fear was Kaka playing bad; and I ask, "who can come in for him and make a difference?" There are three quick ball passing players starting against the Netherlands (Fabiano, Robinho and Kaka); however, we need a quick passing midfield to accompany them. Not a midfield filled with heavy duty stoppers created for confrontation, and NO speed in the passing.

Maybe we missed Ronaldnho Caucho, even if he comes off the bench, he brings different characteristics to the Brazilian formation, which can give a coach more options for tactics. Or maybe Brazil's fantastic animals from the zoo, so respectfully known as "Ganso" (goose) and "Pato" (Duck) could have made the difference. How about the phenomenal Neymar, who is undoubtedly the most exciting player from Brasil in years and as a minimum could have a place on the bench alongside Dunga (Brazil's head coach). Maybe our left footed maniac Adriano, could have sparked something.

At the end of the day, I guess we say sorry to Sneijder for Felipe Melo's tackle. As a whole we must say sorry to the world, who expected a better Brasil, and now "they" have the opportunity to talk trash about our soccer style.

This time Snow White has had it with Dunga (Dunga means dopey in english)!

Just like so many other world cup's Brazil's strongest/difficult opponent is Brazil!

---Portuguese version below---

O que aconteceu com Dunga e Brasil?

O Dunga se complicou desde o começo quando escalou um time sem banco de reservas adequado, e sem opcao para mudar táticamente a equipe quando os titulares estao jogando mal, sem nenhum lateral esquerdo adequado e sem nenhum habilidoso (a não ser o Robinho). Um banco de reservas bom de futebol mas não tao bom para ser reservas de Kaka, Robinho etc. Um meio de campo forte, mais sem nenhum habilidoso.

Hoje de maneira ridicula o Brasil perdeu a tática, perdeu a tecnica, perdeu a cabeça e perdeu o jogo.

Brasil conseguiu jogar 45 minutos, e no segundo tempo os defeitos da equipe se mostraram, primerio com Bastos, fazendo faltas de mais e dando espaco para Holanda avançar no campo de ataque e pegar vontade e ritmo no jogo. Depois o Felipe Melo, de caracteristica ruim, maldoso, sem cabeça e muito menos habilidade se destacou duas vezes negativamente fazendo gol contra e depois ganhando cartao vermelho.

Muitos falam que o melhor time ganhou, mas eu não acho! Acho que o time pior perdeu um jogo ja ganho. Igual o vexame de 1998 (Zidane), o cara com a pior cabeceio, e que quase NUNCA faz gol de cabeça destruiu o Brasil com um cabeceio (Sniedjer).

Com certeza nosso lado fraco é o lado esquerdo. E por la, foi onde Bastos fez a falta, que acabou em gol. (Ele merecia ser expulso tambem) E no lado esquerdo foi onde Felipe Melo não conseguiu se controlar, pois o Robben e Van Persie foi rapido demais.

No time do Brasil faltou pelo menos um lateral esquerdo, mesmo VELHO Roberto Carlos como reserva, sim é melhor do que Gilberto ou Bastos.

Faltou, Ronaldinho Gaucho, mesmo no banco pois ele traz MORAL! Sem o nosso Zoológico de craques como Ganso ou Pato podiam fazer uma diferença. E talvez ate a magica de um craque novinho chamado Neymar, talvez poderia mudar a tática de um time perdido em campo. E o nosso louco de perna esquerda, Adriano, impondo reispeito onde vai!

No final pedimos desculpa para Sneijder, pela falta de controle de Felipe Melo. E pedimos desculpa para o mundo inteiro que so queriam ver um Brasil melhor, e agora tem todos os motivos para falar mal de nos.

No final, como tantas outras copas do mundo que perdemos, o Brasil é o maior rival do Brasil!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My Brazil Team for 2010 World Cup


1. Julio Cesar
2. Maicon
3. Juan
4. Lúcio
5.Daniel Alves
6. Felipe Melo
9. Luis Fabiano
10. Kaká
11. Robinho

I tried to make this team based off of Dunga's current squad an and his definition of ethical, team and work orientated players who desire and proudly wear the Brazilian shirt. A thought process which resulted in Adriano being cut for attitude and being fat. If I were coach I would most likely use Adriano on the bench. Anyways, let me explain the lineup which is much more attacking then our current line we see today for the Brazil squad at the World Cup 2010.

First off, I put Daniel Alves as a left back because the left back is very weak lacking speed, creativity and marking.  Alves plays for Barcelona the best team in the world, I think he can start for Brazil "ANYWHERE".
Next you will notice Felipe Melo instead of Gilberto Silva. Well I see these two guys as very similar type players, but Melo get's the start because he is more physical. Ganso and Elano will make up the left and right midfield spots. Each will have a lot of responsibility to mark and hold the ball. Since there isn't TWO "volantes" (stoppers Melo and G. Silva) this team is more vulnerable for counter attacks; however, with this lineup the team is more creative and can hold the ball with more efficiency than the current squad.

Rogerio Ceni

Thiago Silva

Lateral direito:
Leonardo Moura

Lateral esquerdo:

Meio Campo:
Gilberto Silva
Ronaldinho Gaucho


Whats your thoughts?

Friday, March 5, 2010


Cobalt FC vs Euro Stars USA

March 5, 2010,
Cobalt FC 1 - 1 Euro Stars USA