Friday, September 25, 2009

Nilmar the Brazilian Soccer Player you don’t know

Following Nilmar’s unbelievable goal last Sunday, he has gotten worldwide recognition. The band Oasis, asked him to play for Manchester City and asked for a signed t-shirt from the young soccer player.

I have been following Nilmar for quite some time. When he was a young 17 something weighing like 100 pounds I was watching him run like crazy at Sport Club Internacional.

I have been saying for years that the Brazilian National Team should give him a chance. It baffles me that Dunga gives Vagner Love a chance and not Nilmar. Nilmar’s goal last Sunday was genial. His speed and ball control is unbelievable. Don’t get me wrong Nilmar is not Ronaldo, Kaka, or Robinho, but neither is Luis Fabiano who is constantly the second forward picked by Dunga. Ronaldo is the perfect forward, strong, fast, great ball control, great passing and above everything else, AWESOME vision. Nilmar is nothing like Ronaldo, but Nilmar can definitely bring a different dynamic to the National Team.

Dunga has said that no one was demanding Nilmar on the national team until he made this amazing goal. He said, “Two weeks ago the Brazilian public wasn’t demanding Nilmar to be chosen for the national team.”

Well maybe the masses of Brazilian people have come to the realization that Nilmar is good. People know and understand that ONLY a special kind of player can make a goal like what he made. The truth is that Nilmar has been injured and has recently come back. He returned in January 2009, and he played the state championship in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and made many goals.
He is finally coming into optimal playing form. Due to the lack of a “quality” second forward on the Brazilian National Team, I think they could really use a new and different dynamic.

He is a young agile player who can definitely come in as a sub during any Brazilian National Team game and make a difference.

I hope Dunga gives him a chance, and I hope Nilmar continues to grow.

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