Saturday, February 5, 2011

38-Year-Old Rivaldo's First Appearance for São Paulo Futebol Clube

This last week was filled with news about transfers and changes in team lineups around the world. The biggest transfer news was Fernando Torres leaving Liverpool and going to Chelsea. However, in Brazil they had their own big star news, “the return of Ronaldinho and Rivaldo to Brazilian soccer.”

While most spoke about Torres or Ronaldinho in the world press, I only cared about one player, RIVALDO!
Not only has Rivaldo signed with my beloved SPFC (São Paulo Futebol Clube) but he also played an amazing first game for SPFC. Scoring a beautiful goal, dribbling kids half his age and doing amazing passes.

His introduction to SPFC was a humble one. While Ronaldinho made appearances all over Rio de Janeiro, promoting his new club Flamengo, Rivaldo was humbly presented to the press one weekday morning this February 2011. While Ronaldinho’s Flamengo made a huge party for his first game with more than 40 thousand witnessing his first game; Rivaldo received a below par acceptance from the folks from SPFC. While Ronadinho’s first playing performance for Flamengo was below par; the 38, soon to be 39-year-old Rivaldo did a show relative to the number on his shirt, TEN!

Below are what the press around the world said about this amazing athlete and soccer player Rivaldo!


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